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Chris Orton, experienced roleplayer, facilitator and coach

Welcome to the website for my work as a roleplay actor, facilitator and coach. I have worked on some very varied and rewarding roleplay and training projects over the last couple of decades, which have used the combination of my acting skills and broad experience as a soft skills trainer and presenter.

I am based in Leeds, UK and have worked with training consultancies and leading roleplay organisations throughout the UK and abroad for large companies such as ASDA, BBC, BMW, Citigroup, KPMG, Lilly, Nationwide, PwC and Shell plus many other organisations and directly on a local basis with BPP Law School, HYMS, Leeds University and the NHS. I have roleplayed for law firms, teachers, local councils and government departments.  

I am capable of a wide range of characterisations, quick improvisation or absorbing a complex brief in one to one roleplays or forum theatre. I can provide insightful, sensitive or direct feedback and I am flexible in my style to suit different cultures.

I also work as a presenter/speaker and educational trainer. I am experienced in absorbing a wide range of training models. I am also a certified motivational coach.  

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