Chris Orton Roleplay

Roleplay and drama based training CV

 CHRIS ORTON roleplay, drama based training, coaching, presenting and facilitation - Leeds, UK

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Roleplay, forum theatre, business acting, drama-based training, skills coaching, speaking, presenting and facilitation – experienced in a training environment for around 20 years


Male. Playing age: 40s or broadly around 35-55


Light Yorkshire native accent to R.P.


Key skills, knowledge, motivation and experience:


Roleplayer, drama-based trainer and facilitator with wide experience. Adept with vast complicated scenarios or spontaneous briefs. Can handle varying emotions and complex processes with ease. Excellent improvisation and presentation skills with a focus on learning.


Professional actor with strong credits in theatre and TV/film plus diverse experience in training films and interactive entertainment. Warm, engaging style.


Strong feedback skills at appropriate levels in a diverse range of organisations. Precise in remembering feelings and observing clearly, tailoring language appropriately to the culture or level. Motivational, characterful and very client focused.


Knowledge of a range of training models and an interest in concepts and theories and how to communicate key messages clearly. Skills coaching experience, presenting and interacting with small to large audiences in business and education.


Forum theatre, sketches and demonstrations of different styles and experience of other types of business conference, performance or event. Adaptable and flexible to different styles of working.


Informed by previous corporate experience as an employee in buying and marketing and other areas of retail over a few years. Other more recent commercial and financial experience includes managing own business projects.


Client range and scenarios include:


Financial, retail, law firms, insurance, industrial, pharmaceutical, technical, motor trade, medical, local and central government, social services and education.


End clients include:  

Around a hundred different corporate clients

(covering many different departments and teams)

Several hundred individual schools


Examples of notable projects include:  

High profile conference events (International consulting firms in exotic locations to local conferences). Sketches, roleplay and hosting.


Bespoke 'realplay' scenarios and skills coaching for various clients in many sectors (high street retailers and banks) at all levels from ‘shop floor’ to board director level professional development. 


Leading law firms playing external clients, junior staff and partners. Quickly devised bespoke scenarios to well researched detailed briefs.


Some of the big consulting firms from bespoke roleplay to rehearsed consulting simulations including video recorded ‘live play’ intensive formats.


Motor trade luxury brands: sales certification and assessments – ongoing regular bookings including rigorous feedback process and multiple customer characterisations plus acting in associated scripted training film demonstrating good and bad examples of sales techniques.


Major oil company in The Hague, Netherlands and London – highly technical briefs with detailed financial matters. Extensive research around complex information.


Roleplay and video production for board director level, with heavily improvised elements combining serious messages with humour.


Medical roleplay (Simulated patient for training and assessment at student and doctor level). Feedback ‘in role’ and ‘out of role’ and training and developing new roles. Emotionally challenging content as patients including challenging psychiatric cases to playing doctors in different settings. Scripted and improvised video productions playing doctors, nurses and NHS managers.


Forum theatre for major corporates to public sector clients. Many styles from quickly devised demos to scripted events. Experience in presenting, facilitating, pitching to new clients and developing new projects.


Work in industrial or factory settings including. Immersed in the culture - sometimes overalls rather than business dress.


Housing Associations and related industries: playing difficult tenants, from aggressive to vulnerable. 




Training Consultancies and drama based training organisations worked with over the last two decades are numerous. This has given a rich and varied experience of different types of working including some excellent long-standing relationships. 


More details are available on request.




Other training experience:


Trainer, presenter, facilitator and motivational speaker in business and education. Student workshops and INSET sessions for teaching professionals.


Professional development coach for private clients. Communication, impact and presentation skills coach.


Other interests: Fitness, club level tennis, gardening and travel. Community projects.